Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Honeymoon Trip - Sikkim

Me & my colleague Arunava planned to visit Gangtok & Pelling. It was basically a honeymoon trip for both of us.
Planning was

10/11/2007 - Boarding Darjeeling Mail
11/11/2007 - Reaching Gangtok & Rest for the day
12/11/2007 - Changu & Baba Mandir
13/11/2007 - Reach to Pelling
14/11/2007 - Seight Seing Pelling
15/11/2007 - Seight Seing Pelling
16/11/2007 - Reach to Siliguri & Board Darjeeling Mail.

Me & my wife started the journey in a hurry as local trins ware running terribly late, we decided to teke the road ways to sealdah, though it was already late. My younger brother and one of his friend was also with us. Without their help, I am sure, we would have missed the train that night.

After arriving Siliguri we ware looking for suitable car & found a Tavera, which is quite new and the driver of the car Jayanta was very pleasant personality. However we started near to 9 o clock. We reached Gangtok by 1.15 pm. We managed to find out suitable hotel, just for Rs 500 per day, as off season started. In the evening we spoke to the manager of the hotel for Changu trip and he managed all the things.

Arunava In front of the car

Tista on way

Tista on way

Evening Sky in Gangtok

Gangtok in Night

Gangtok in Night

12/11/2007 - I woke up early in the morning. Kanchendzonga was not clearly visible due to cloud. However we get prepared for Changu. I keep my camera, tripod with me and rest essential things in the rucksack. Reaching at taxi stand we found that the driver is waiting for us. Soon after leaving the stand it started climbing high steep. In one bend it was climbing near about 15 to 25 feet. Within half an hour driver stooped for rest. It was freezing cold. We took bear can for ladies and we have finished a bottle of vodaka standing there. Now it was something warm. Again we started climbing higher altitude.
After another 30 minutes Changu appears.

Changu Lake

Me & My Wife

We move forward to Baba Mandir. Baba Mandir is actually lower altitude than Changu.

Me & My Wife At Baba Mandir.

On Returning to Gangtok some where in the path.

13/11/2007 - As usual I woke up early in the morning & this time Kanchendzonga was visible.

Morning Rays on Kanchendzonga

Just after Sun fully raise - Kanchendzonga looking wrapped with gold sheet.

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